Bakeout Equipment

BESTEC Bake out equipment is designed for bake out procedures of UHV systems for surface analysis and deposition as well as for bake out of
storage ring segments of synchrotron light sources.
Our bake out products are manufactured in full compliance with the European Safety Regulations and the IEC standards and recommendations. The expected
operational lifetime of these bake out products covers more than 10 years.

Thermal Insulation Tents

Customer designed insulation tents or blankets to cover the complete vacuum system for bake out procedure.

Bakeout oven

Equipment for bakeout of storage ring segments of synchrotron light sources


Conferences 2018

Bestec supports the following conferences:

SRI 2018 Taipei, Taiwan

MEDSI 2018 Paris, France

Plasma Surface Engineering 2018 Garmisch Patenkirchen, Germany

Tenth Joint BER II and BESSY II Berlin, Germany