BESTEC GmbH is a high-tech company specialised in design and manufacturing of customised vacuum and laser systems.
The company was founded in 1990, based on the former Center for Scientific Instruments of the Academy of Sciences, and is located in the Science and Technology Center “WISTA” Berlin-Adlershof.
With a highly motivated and qualified staff of engineers and scientists, BESTEC is able to satisfy high-end requirements for vacuum science, precision mechanics, optics and electronic control.

The first important design:

  • CPM Laser with femtosecond amplifier system for the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM) Berlin.
  • VUV Boundary Layer Spectrometer for the fusion experiment ASDEX Upgrade at Max-Planck-Institute for Plasmaphysics in Garching.


Please enjoy our homepage and learn more about us and the engineering services we offer. For more information please give us a call or drop an e-mail.

Years of experience
Since 1990, our experience has grown with the challenging needs of our customers and the numerous projects we have realised for applications in Surface Analysis, Deposition, Plasma Physics, Synchrotron Radiation, Fusion Research and other accelerator projects.

BESTEC is located on the Berlin-Adlershof Science and Technology Center "WISTA", surrounded by a plenty of scientific institutes and research centers (like BESSY II), natural sciences departments of Humboldt University of Berlin and innovative start-up companies.

Thus there are excellent opportunities for co-operation and innovation in a wide range of sciences.

BESTEC has close co-operations with many companies and institutes. Since beginning of 1999, BESTEC is cooperating with ZEISS company in the field of high sophisticated synchrotron equipment.
We are also in close co-operation with SPECS company, Berlin (surface analysis projects).


Conferences 2018

Bestec supports the following conferences:

SRI 2018 Taipei, Taiwan

MEDSI 2018 Paris, France

Plasma Surface Engineering 2018 Garmisch Patenkirchen, Germany

Tenth Joint BER II and BESSY II Berlin, Germany